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Come Shoot At Double Tap

Check out our firearms selection, even rent a pistol to shoot on the range. We aim to be your firearms dealer, accessories supplier, trainers, and hometown shooting range. All pistol calibers welcome. Most rifle calibers are permitted with permission from range staff. (example: 223,5.56, 7.62 x 39).

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Our Instructors:

Paris Washington

NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, PA Certified Law Enforcement and Act 235 Instructor (Firearms, Lethal and Less Than Lethal Force). Inspector Washington qualifies Retired Law Enforcement Officers who want to carry a firearm anywhere in the United States. He offers certification training in various less than lethal defensive and control tactics (e.g., Taser, Baton, OC Spray), as well as tactical firearms training.

Frank Stelmach

Experienced hunter and firearms enthusiast, private businessman and Owner of Double Tap Shooting Range. Phone: 215-624-1015.

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